30 days of Dreamcast – Part 3

25th October 2012 – Day 8

I had to change my VMU today as the memory is full. I’d forgotten that it’s only got 100kb of storage. Seeing as its Halloween soon I thought I would give Shenmue a rest and play Resident Evil: Code Veronica. This is a fantastic Resident Evil game. Maybe one of the best. The funny thing about this game is that even though I’ve played through it 4 or 5 times in my life, I still find it tense and scary. Maybe I’m just a big wuss? It has that amazing CG intro which is still fantastic 12 years on from the games release. There are some lovely little touches which add to the tension such as when you heart beats as you enter a new area or how a body will get dragged under a hut and you won’t see what drags it. Ha! The VMU shows your health status. A fantastic touch and a precursor to the WiiU. This game is still genuinely creepy. The CG video of Alfred and Alexia Ashford pulling the wings off a dragonfly and then putting the prone creature into a tub of ants is really chilling. This really is a superb game and I’m definitely going to finish it before I go back to Shenmue. Oh and Steve Burnside is still a knobhead!

Sunday 28th October 2012 – Day 9

Played more Resident Evil: Code Veronica today. This game has some really chilling moments. Some of the messages you find really mess with your head and conjure all sorts of images. There are also some really inventive and scary uses of the camera. As you are walking through a room the camera will zoom in on a body bag. As you leave the room the body bag begins to shuffle. It reminds me of the scene in the terrifying movie Audition. This game also reminds me of how we are a bit spoilt these days in terms of auto saves. Most people will know that you use a type writer to save in a Resident Evil game. This also adds tension because there are a limited number of typewriter ribbons and the typewriters are dotted around the game. If you don’t save for some time and you die (like I did) you have to start from your previous save. I’ve got the bow gun now and I’m enjoying turning the zombies into pin cushions. Alfred Ashford has been exposed as the cross dressing freak that he is. Claire Redfield’s words, not mine. It’s creepy that he looks like a man but speaks with a female voice. I’m escaping from the island now. There is a 5 minute self-destruct sequence. Ahhhh! The timer runs down even as you go through doors. I’m literally on the edge of my seat willing the doors to open quicker. The Tyrant is all that stands between me and a better life with Steve. We all know how that ends.

Wednesday 31st October 2012 – Day 10

There is a Halloween Steam sale on at the moment with some really good games that I would buy under normal circumstances. I’m desperately tempted to get them however, I have to stick to the rules I set which means no new games. I played more Resident Evil: Code Veronica today. I picked up from where I left off which was fighting the Tyrant boss battle on the plane. I’m not kidding you; it took me 10 attempts to beat him. Oh and the VMU helpfully informs me that I’ve died. For anyone who hasn’t played this game, the tyrant is pretty tough. He does a lot of damage, you are fighting in a confined space and he is relentless in his pursuit of Claire. Beating him involves shooting him with everything you have and once you’ve done that you hit a button which releases a crate. The crate then dumps him out of the back of the plane. 30 minutes later and some frustration and he is no longer a passenger. Now onto disc 2. We’ve now landed in the Antarctic. As I’ve mentioned before, there are some genuinely creepy moments. There are a room full of zombies and an item I can pick up. I know they will attack me as the camera zooms into the body of a zombie. Another creepy moment is a locker rattling. I’m expecting a zombie to burst out but it turns out to be a rat. Eww! I have a parasite attached to my back from a butterfly monster. It doesn’t hatch at first which is horrible because you have this egg attached to your back for a while. I know I shouldn’t laugh but there are also some notes which made me laugh out loud. Am I a bit weird for laughing at them?


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