The Same Coin Podcast – Episode 32


Welcome one and all to the Same Coin Episode 32! Now we have to apologies in
advanced for Stabby, he’s feeling a little under the weather and whatever he
may say is not endorsed or agreed with by The Same Coin PLC – we would ask
you all to protest against this recording and tweet @tscoin with the

We find some hidden gems in the PlayStation mobile store and go over the
past few weeks news with our usual professional eye.

So sit back and enjoy the latest episode of The Same Coin

‘Opening Battle/ Gladiator Waltz’ – Hanz Zimmer

‘And Ever We Fight On’ – Killzone 3

‘Advert V Rock’ – GTA Vice City

‘Double Life’ – Sony Playstation

‘Too Young to Fall in Love’  – Mötley Crüe

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