The Same Coin Podcast – Episode 34


In this weeks show Matsmashed makes his triumphant return in a cheesy fashion to The Same Coin madness. Dits and Stabby’s love affair with The Secret World continues and Fordie is in full on Wolverine berserker mode. There is the usual what we’ve been playing and we may have mentioned that we have a new forum once or twice. Trust us, you do not want to miss this weeks episode. #FindtheDoody #Bythewaywehaveaforum

‘The Return’ – Matsmashed

‘Truth from Legend Columbia: A Modern Day Icarus’ – Bioshock Infinite

‘The Nanosuit’ – Crysis 3

‘THQ Tribute – featuring UFC, Saints Row, Company of Heroes 2, Red Faction, Space Marine and Destroy all Humans’ – THQ

‘Space Jam’ – Quad City DJ’s

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