The Same Coin Podcast – Episode 40

2013-03-11 22.30.47


Sports…the bane of gamers from the beginning of time. If the stereotypes are to be believed we are all to fat to play ‘real’ sports so we fulfil our dreams of running around at Wembley with our controllers whilst being covered in pizza, beer and chocolate. Well that’s my dream anyway! We talk all things sports from the weird and wonderful games of the old 8 bit days to the modern simulators. Ben ask again and again about some weird sport called Rugby and we nearly have to gag him when he talks about Top Spin once again…

So sit back and enjoy this special sports edition of The Same Coin!



‘Sports Mash up featuring Partridge, Rooster Teeth, Wilko, Becks, Hansen and lastly Kammy.’ – The Same Coin

‘TV Advert 3’ – Sim City

‘Intro’ – FIFA 06

‘BOOM Madden 25 Cover Vote’ – DJ Steve Porter

‘Intro’ – Match of the Day

‘This is your time’ – Motivational Sports Montage

‘Classic Comic Relief’ – Match of the Day

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