*Rumour* PS4 launch title Driveclub delayed until 2014 UPDATED


Although we at TSC don’t usually do news pieces, after yesterdays announcement about Watch Dog’s & The Crew slipping into 2014, this rumour was too much not to post.

*Treat this as 100% rumour for now*

We’ve had word from an anonymous source that Sony’s upcoming PS4 launch title Driveclub is delayed until spring 2014. While no reason for the delay was given it has been reported previously that the game had looked a little unfinished when shown at various events this year.


With a little under a month before the PS4’s US release this isn’t the best of news, especially in the light of Ubisoft’s news that the highly anticipated launch title watch Dog’s won’t be hitting until sometime next year. It’s also a hit to the platforms hugely popular PS+ service as an albeit stripped down version of Driveclub was due to be available for PS+ subscribers free at launch.

It could also be another blow to retailers who are already having to scramble to adjust preorder bundles of the PS4 in light of yesterdays news.


Since we broke the story other sources have come out across the internet seemingly confirming the delay. Kotaku have picked up on the story and are saying one of their sources has confirmed it to be true, they also mention that Drive Club was also recently pulled from a Sony showcase that was intended to show off the PlayStation 4 launch lineup, but officially this was put down to a scheduling conflict.



While Sony and Evolution studios are yet to comment, Driveclub Design Director Paul Rustchynsky has tweeted that he can’t comment on the story as he is currently away from the studio due to the birth of his newborn child.

Only time will tell I guess and remember where you heard it first


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