The Same Coin Podcast – Episode 126

It’s our birthday! We are celebrating 3 years of farting, burping and generally acting like a bunch of monkeys…with the occasional video game chatter. As always a huge thank you to our community who are the stars of this show! We take live calls from you dear listeners with some quite interesting results!

Thank you to everyone who contributed and for all of you who just listen or interact with us on Twitter

List of people on the show

Grandad Dave @60MinutesWith

Her Royal Highness the lovely Tina @SpankeeSpangler

Katie @katieee120

Colm @Solm67

ROXIE @munchiesthewolf

Richard Natrass @Nattrass79

Don Johnston @indiana747

David Robert Bridge @DavidBridge1985

Matt Lambourne @LamboMat

Adam Parry @ApeMutterings

Lorin @XavierFoxShandi

Chazzee @Chazzee_UK

Tat sun @tat_sun_

Ben Wyatte @MotleyGunner84


So sit back and relax once again whilst we send the troops up your ear canals and into you brain!