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Welcome to The Same Coin! Meet the crew

Ben ‘Fordie’ Ford

My history of playing video games, dates all the way back to the tail end of the 70’s. (I know, I bet you’re thinking I don’t look old enough, lol) I have very vivid memories of playing Space Invaders in our local pub where my dad visited and also playing many video arcade cabinets of the same era in Butlins holiday camp, which is in my hometown of Bognor Regis. My earliest memory of a console we owned would be the Atari VCS (or 2600 in later models). We had some great arcade conversions on that system, boy those were the days! In all honesty I was extremely lucky to have a dad who wasn’t particularly into games but was into using computers for the business he ran. This meant I’d be surrounded by the latest shiny pieces of hardware and luckily gave me a taste of the games on offer at the time. The first computer that was my own and that was specifically bought for me was an Amstrad CPC 464, I’d already had fun playing some games on a 6128 first (as this was my dad’s business model, green screen and all) but it wasn’t until I got the 464 that I really started getting into games on a different level. This would have been in 1985 when I was a wee 9 year old. Games on that system such as Chuckie Egg, Roland On The Ropes, Dizzy, Gryzor, Target Renegade and Feud were often being played to death and competing for my attention. Next up would come one of my favourite systems of all time, even to this day, my beloved Commodore Amiga 500. Getting the ‘Bat Pack’ in 1989 was a dream come true. Here is where my love for gaming really exploded. Over the years I’ve generally kept up with buying the latest systems, after the Amiga came a Mega Drive, SNES, CD-I, CD32, 3DO, PlayStation, Saturn, N64, Dreamcast, Playstation2, GameCube & Xbox. The list goes on right up to the present day with the likes of Wii, 360, PS3, 3DS & Vita. I’ve have now become a bit of a collector and have amassed around 42 different pieces of hardware and approximately 2000 games. Getting involved with a podcast will allow me to spout my ramblings and take on the role of ‘The Master of stupidity’ a title I’m rather proud of owning.

Chris ‘Stabby’ Jellyman

Writing this bio reminded me of the opening line from the movie Goodfellas. Ray Liotta’s character says “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.” Don’t worry, I didn’t want to be a gangster, but as far back as I can remember, I always wanted to play games. My gaming history spans 30 years. The start of my video gaming journey began with a pong machine. After that I remember my dad coming home with a shiny Spectrum 48k home computer. That’s where my love of playing games really took off. The first game I played on that wonderful machine was Hungry Horace. This Pac Man clone kept me entertained for hours. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure what Horace was supposed to be. After that, games like Beach Head, Atic Atac, Commando, Way of the Exploding Fist, Saboteur and Jet Set Willy were played and replayed. I never did get Willy back to his bed. Maria always beat me. It was in the mid 80’s that I got my first console. The Sega Master System. I still remember how vivid the colours looked on this 8 bit beauty after years of my faithful Speccy. Completing one of favourite games, Wonderboy 3: The Dragons Trap and watching the end credits is a memory that remains with me even today. My next love was the Super Nintendo. I can still recall playing Street Fighter 2 for the first time. I’m sat on my bedroom floor hooking up my brand new console and attempting my first Hadouken with the superb SNES controller. Like Fordie, I had an Amiga 500 and this seemed like a slightly more grown up machine, even though all I did was play games on it. Superb titles such as Super Cars 2, Moonstone, Kick Off 2 and Cannon Fodder kept me entertained for months and months. I can still remember the catchy tune from Cannon Fodder. My love of games and consoles has maintained throughout my childhood and now my adult life. I can’t remember a time when I haven’t played video games. I’ve been lucky enough to own every major console and experience the good, bad and ugly that they have to offer. That’s the thing for me. Games provide so many lasting memories and that is why I love playing them. Games like Journey and Gears of War offer very different experiences but leave lasting memories. Taking down my first Scarab with a friend in Halo 3 is a memory that will remain with me for a long time. I’m a keen retro fan because I want to relive the memories that brought me so much happiness. I’m not a fanboy and don’t favour one company over another. My love of games spans all consoles. I sound like a hippy now. Groovy baby! I’m keen to see where the next generation of gaming takes us and I hope to experience new and exciting times.

Dits ‘PC Boy’ Symeou

Never really had much of a chance, one of my first memories at the age of 4 was being shown a strange grey box called a Vic20, little did I know then that my whole world would change. I have followed video games for most of my life, it’s strange I can’t really imagine a time without gaming. It has been my hobby and my love for as long as I can remember. Growing up on the seafront, arcades also played a big part in my gaming education, sadly something that kids today will never experience. The social aspect of gaming was very different then, none of this internet rubbish. It was 2ltrs of White Lightning and 8 player Daytona! I have always been interested in the industry from the old days of reading Zzap64 to now reading sites like N4G daily and listening to countless podcasts. I always want to learn more about the industry and have the same silly dream as many as to hopefully one day become part of it. I have a rather unhealthy obsession with those time sinks called MMORPG’s and have probably played most of them since Anarchy Online which I’m not sure I should be proud of! I always love to see what games technology can do next and can’t wait for new console generations to come about just to see just what we can achieve through the greatest form of entertainment on the planet. This is probably why I am such a PC nerd! :) I will be gaming when I am old and grey and can’t wait for the games that we’re going to play on the way!

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